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Chemically And Biologically-Designed Compost Extract

Post originally published in Progressive Crop Consultant's Magazine March/April 2018 Issue.

Chemically And Biologically-Designed Compost Extract: A Potential Tactic For Biological Control Of Weeds

Weeds can be defined as plants growing out of place and can rapidly populate in ecosystems that do not support their natural enemies. Many methods are being used to keep weeds under control. These include burning them, pulling them out or chopping them down, and treating them with herbicides. (more…)

Rodale Institute & Stroud Water Research Center Announce Innovative Partnership

Today Rodale Institute, the global leader of regenerative organic agriculture, announced it has received a grant for $5,995,000 from the William Penn Foundation to partner with Stroud Water Research Center, the global leader in the advancement of knowledge and stewardship of freshwater systems, on a groundbreaking project to improve soil health and water quality. The project will focus on improving farm productivity and profits while reducing water pollution associated with agricultural runoff. (more…)

Working Tree Center (WTC) Seasonal Farm Laborer

SUMMARY: The WTC Seasonal Farm Laborer position assists WTC Farm Manager on numerous activities such as overseeing the care and feeding of livestock, assisting with lawn maintenance, landscaping, and maintaining ornamental plants. This position reports to the WTC Farm Manager. (more…)

Seasonal Research Technician

SUMMARY: The Seasonal Research Technician will be supervised by the Senior Research Technician and assist senior research staff on grant funded research projects. Research projects at Rodale Institute include applied and practical projects in regenerative organic agriculture, soil health, climate change mitigation, water quality, and the linkages between healthy soil and healthy people. This is a temporary seasonal position with the potential to become a full-time position depending on grant funding. (more…)

Chief Scientist

Job title: Chief Scientist

Summary of Responsibilities: The Chief Scientist is responsible for administrating, facilitating and implementing research activities of Rodale Institute’s Strategic Solutions team, which includes members of the Research and Farm Operations Departments, in accordance with the Rodale Institute’s overall mission, in collaboration with staff and project collaborators. The Chief Scientist will be responsible for leading and expanding the Research team’s impact on a global stage. (more…)