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Soil Scientist

SUMMARY: The Soil Scientist will support all short- and long-term projects at Rodale Institute with a focus on measuring soil health in different agricultural systems. A strong emphasis will be placed on Regenerative Agroecosystem Analysis. He or she will be expected to work closely with other research scientists and lead outreach initiatives to educate the public and farmers on the benefits of improving soil health.  Strong oral and written communication skills are required. (more…)

Organic Crop Consultant

SUMMARY: The Organic Crop Consultant will assist farmers across Pennsylvania with the transition to organic agriculture practices and the organic certification regulations and processes. The consultant will report to the Executive Director and work with the research department, interpreting and translating soil analysis, crop production research and other organic research findings to farmers. (more…)

Elizabeth Whitlow Becomes Executive Director of the Regenerative Organic Alliance

We are excited to announce that Elizabeth Whitlow has been appointed the executive director of the Regenerative Organic Alliance, the nonprofit organization that holds the Regenerative Organic Certification (ROC). Elizabeth will report to the Regenerative Organic Alliance’s Board of Directors and will work with NSF International to pilot the new certification and engage with farms, brands, NGOs, and key stakeholders to grow the certification. (more…)

A Message from Rodale Institute Chief Scientist on Organic Apple Production

A message from Dr. Andrew Smith, Rodale Institute Chief Scientist, on organic apple production:

Apples are arguably the most difficult crop to grow organically, especially in a humid, temperate climate such as the northeast United States. There are a host of weeds, insect pests, and fungal and bacterial diseases that are exacerbated during periods of cool, wet weather. (more…)

Rodale Institute and Wormies Vermicompost Nominated for U.S. Composting Council 2018 Mentoring Program

For the fourth year, the U.S. Composting Council (USCC) invited mentors with professional business experience in the compost manufacturing and collection industry to participate with a mentee, a young professional college graduate or industry employee, to apply for the Young Professionals Mentoring Program. The Rodale Institute is pleased to announce that Rick Carr, Compost Production Specialist, and Luis Chen, Founder of Wormies Vermicompost, have been nominated for the Mentoring Program. Over the next six months, Rick Carr will be mentoring Luis Chen on a variety of topics in order to improve composting operations, organics collection and hauling, and entrepreneurship. (more…)

Veterans in Ag

Ariel Jennings is a full time student at Kutztown University and a Sergeant in the Pennsylvania Army National Guard and has been enlisted since 2008. Ariel began her career as a human resources specialist until 2013 then transitioned to be a Paralegal for a full time position with the 337th Brigade Special Troops Battalion (BTSB) of the 55th Heavy Brigade Combat Team (HBCT ). She is currently stationed with the 28th Infantry Division HQ in Harrisburg, PA. (more…)

Organic Farming Certificate Students

GINA ANGIOLA is a retired OB/GYN physician from Maryland. During her 20+ years in the healthcare field, she noticed a lack of preventative care applied to patients through their diet and in recent years, she has become fascinated in the quality of soils and how they affect nutrition of food as well as the carbon content in our atmosphere. Her interest in these issues led her to seek out the Rodale Institute for more information. While researching the Institute she found the Organic Farming Certificate Program. (more…)

Organic Livestock Class

Shelby Dukes, Animal Husbandry Coordinator at Rodale Institute, educated the class on both organic chicken and organic hog production. The group learned the process of raising chickens for eggs and how to humanely raise organic pork. These classes helped the OFCP students to learn how to organically raise their own livestock on pasture, which not only cuts feed costs, but also improves the lives of the animals. (more…)

Future Organic Farmer: Michael Lupaccino

Michael Lupacchino is an Army and Coast Guard veteran with a combined 16 years of service. Lupacchino served four years with the Coast Guard as an electronic technician. After leaving the Coast Guard in 1998, he used his G.I. Bill to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Central Connecticut State University.


Continuing Land Stewardship; Farming on Conservation Land

The Organic Farming Certificate Program and the Veteran Farmer Training Program recently visited 2 Gander Farm, located in Downingtown, Pa. 2 Gander Farm is operated by husband/wife team Trey and Deirdre Flemming. The 10-acre farm holds a bounty of vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers and bees, and is located within a preserve owned by the Brandywine Conservancy.