With the shared goal of assisting farmers who seek to transition to organic and regenerative organic farming methods, Rodale Institute and Mad Agriculture have joined forces to provide consulting services to farmers across the country.

By leveraging the holistic approach of Mad Agriculture in place-based farm planning and the expertise of Rodale Institute in organic consulting, U.S. farmers will now experience reduced barriers in transitioning farmland to organic and regenerative organic production.

Rodale Institute, a trusted leader in education, advocacy, and research in regenerative organic agriculture, will provide strategic farm consulting services to Mad Agriculture’s new and existing clients/farmer networks, predominantly in the Midwest and High Plains.

Mad Agriculture, a Colorado-based nonprofit that helps farmers thrive in regenerative organic agriculture, will provide farmer-clients with access to capital, markets, business planning support, and guidance on whole-farm decision-making.

“Rodale Institute is best-in-class when it comes to organic consulting, and our network of regional resource centers provide the scientific research that enables the Institute’s consultants to show up on land anywhere in the nation to help farmers to overcome their challenges,” said Jeff Tkach, Chief Impact Officer at Rodale Institute. “This partnership will help Rodale Institute and Mad Agriculture scale up direct farmer assistance programs and allow more farmers to embrace regenerative organic agriculture.”

“Mad Agriculture trusts the wisdom and intention of regenerative organic farmers to steward their lands with care and purpose. In bringing Rodale Institute’s experience and knowledge into community with these farmers, we offer partners an unparalleled capacity to regenerate the agricultural places that feed our nation – improving their farm business’ resilience along the way,” said Tanner Starbard, Director of Mad Lands at Mad Agriculture.

The goal of this partnership between Rodale Institute and Mad Agriculture is to extend the reach of regenerative technical support to farmers, a resource that will ultimately expedite the regenerative transition of farmland in the United States.

ABOUT RODALE INSTITUTE: Rodale Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to growing the regenerative organic agriculture movement through rigorous research, farmer training, and education. The Institute’s groundbreaking science and direct farmer-support programs serve as a catalyst for change in farming and food production worldwide. Over its 75-year history, Rodale Institute has proven that organic farming is not only viable but essential to mankind’s survival.

ABOUT MAD AGRICULTURE: Mad Agriculture is a Boulder-based nonprofit working to catalyze the regenerative revolution in agriculture. We work from heart to head, poetry to science, financing to markets, and soil to shelf. We meet farmers where they’re at in their journey as they transition to regenerative agricultural models. Our four branches ensure that our farmer partners have the financial (Mad Capital), strategic (Mad Lands), connective (Mad Markets), and communal (Mad Revolution) support they need to thrive. Mad Agriculture works closely with the land and stewards at the heart of the regenerative revolution to build strategies and opportunities for farm businesses, to understand impact and to advance the capacity of regenerative agriculture to feed people while restoring ecosystems.