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Perennial Partners are a passionate and dedicated group of monthly supporters on a mission to end the soil, health, and climate crises of our lifetime with regenerative organic agriculture. By becoming a Perennial Partner, you join a community of committed supporters making significant, lasting change in our health, our environment, and our future.

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Partner Benefits

Perennial Partners are connected, invested, and rooted in our work. Benefits include:


You’ll be a core partner of Rodale Institute and ensure that your ongoing support is always there to make a difference.


Receive an exclusive, bi-annual impact report that outlines how you’ve grown the organic movement with your gift.


By streamlining your support, you can rest easy knowing that your gift is going directly to the programs that need it, not to administrative costs.

Your monthly gift helps support farmers transitioning to organic.

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Hear From Members of Your Perennial Partner Community

Karen Stark

Newtown Sq., PA

“Monthly giving brings about the security to hire the best scientists, farmers, and staff in the fulfillment of ongoing research projects. The research projects that solidify organic regenerative farming methods are the answer to healthy soil, healthy plants, and healthy people. That is my motivation.”

Jane & Bill Moore

Park City, UT

“Most of our donations to organizations are monthly. It makes our giving easier, in that we spread out our donations throughout the year. And we hope the steady revenue stream provided by monthly donors make financial planning easier for organizations as well.”

Donovan & Emily Mattole

Center Valley, PA

“We want to help support organizations that are making the world a better place now and in the future. To help save our planet and help it regenerate!”

Ann Hall

Santa Rosa, CA

“I care deeply about the cause and want to be a consistent supporter.”

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