Whether out in the fields or in the office, our expert staff are dedicated to growing the organic movement and assisting farmers through rigorous research, education, and outreach.

Executive Team

Jeff Moyer

Chief Executive Officer

Becca Kahle

Human Resources Director

elaine macbeth

Elaine Macbeth

Chief Financial Officer, Senior V.P. of Administration

andrew smith

Dr. Andrew Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Tkach

Chief Impact Officer

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Dr. Reza Afshar

Chief Scientist

Annie Benson

Research Technician

Dr. Arianna Bozzolo

Research Director, California Organic Center

Dr. Jean Bertrand Contina

Research Director, Midwest Organic Center

Dr. Madhav Dhakal

Crop and Weed Scientist

Carolyn Garrity

Research Technician

Dr. Arash Ghale

Research Director, Pocono Organic Center

Dr. Said Hamido

Soil Scientist

Dr. Philip Hinson

Post-Doctoral Research Associate

Nikki Hogan

Research Technician

Amiya Kalra

Research Technician

Casey Lapham

Research Technician

Sara Major

Research Technician

Dr. Dinesh Panday

Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Pocono Organic Center

Dr. Yichao Rui

Director, Farming Systems Trial

Linda Sturm-Flores

Research Technician, Midwest Organic Center

Dr. Gladis Zinati

Director, Vegetable Systems Trial

Farm Operations

Rick Carr

Farm Director

Garver Akers

Farm Manager, Southeast Organic Center

Jesse Barrett

Food Production Specialist

Drew Erickson

Farm Manager, Midwest Organic Center

Don Jantzi

Field Operations Foreman

Daniel Lehner

Farm Mechanic

John Long

Greenhouse and Landscape Specialist

Lily Means

Farm Operations Technician

Aslynn Parzanese

Farm Manager, Rodale Institute St. Luke’s Organic Farm

Michael Schmaeling

Farm Manager and Resident Beekeeper, Founders Campus

Molly Schmaeling

Site Manager, Founders Campus

Elyse Suter

Farm Technician, Rodale Institute-St. Luke’s Organic Farm

Tony de Veyra

Farm Manager, California Organic Center

Brandon Wehr

Farm Operations Technician

Ross Williams

Farm Technician, Rodale Institute St. Luke’s Organic Farm


Sam Malriat

Director, Organic Consulting

Bridget Gilmore

Organic & ROC Market Coordinator

Nathanael Gonzales-Siemens

California Organic Consultant

Kegan Hilaire

Small Farms and Diversified Vegetable Consultant

Samantha Hilborn

New Mexico Organic Consultant

Nicholas Podoll

Midwest Organic Consultant

Ryan Siwinski

Organic Livestock and Dairy Consultant

Caitlin Tucker

New York Region Organic Consultant

Léa Vereecke

Midwest Organic Consultant


Maria Pop, M.Ed.

Director of Education

Justin Barclay

Global Education Operations Manager

Dan Kemper

Master Trainer

Marketing and Communications

David Pryor

Director of Marketing & Communications

Shawn Brown

Visitor Experience Manager

Nadine Clopton

Program Manager

Jack Dempsey


Heather Gurk

Manager, Visitor Center

Tammy Hobar

Brand Manager

Sarah Longenecker

Digital Media Specialist

Chloe Nouvelle

Communications Manager


Annie Brown

Vice President of Development

Warren Greene

Development Manager

Josh Lilly

Development Associate


Idelfi Crespo

Senior Administrative Assistant, Consulting and Accounting

Stacy Glackin

Grants Manager

Linda Carlson-Lockwood



Louise DeVall

Programs Support Assistant and Travel Coordinator

Nate Hawk

Facilities Manager

Bruce Schroeder


Kim Schroeder

Executive Assistant

John Stiavelli

Senior Technology Analyst