Healthy soil = healthy food = healthy people.

At Rodale Institute, we believe that regenerative organic agriculture is essential to reversing the trends of chronic disease in the United States. We are only as healthy as our soil. From gut health and nutrition, to mental and behavioral health, regenerative healthcare explores the many ways our healthcare systems and food systems are interconnected.

Learn about our educational programming on the topic of Regenerative Healthcare, and sign up for updates on upcoming workshops and conferences below!

Regenerative Healthcare Conference

Started in 2022, the Regenerative Healthcare Conference is a groundbreaking conference connecting agriculture and healthcare.

This unique educational event brings together healthcare professionals, agronomists, and soil scientists on Rodale Institute’s 386-acre experimental organic farm for an immersive learning experience connecting soil and human health.

Stay tuned for details on our September 2024 Conference!

About the Conference

Virtual Learning

Visit our Virtual Campus to sign up for the Virtual Regenerative Healthcare Conference. Watch lectures from our 2022 conference featuring leading experts in healthcare, chronic illness, and soil science, all on-demand from the comfort of your own home.

Enroll Now: Virtual Conference

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