Together, Rodale Institute and Foodshed Capital are supporting small-scale regenerative organic farmers and socially disadvantaged producers.

Rodale Institute and Foodshed Capital are working together to support socially disadvantaged producers through the collaborative BIPOC* Farmer Micro-Grant Program. Foodshed Capital is a non-profit loan fund dedicated to building a more equitable and regenerative local food economy. Their services support small-scale regenerative farmers and food entrepreneurs with affordable, flexible financing, zero-cost wraparound business support and financial literacy training, and micro-grant funding in collaboration with values-aligned service providers like Rodale Institute.

*Black, Indigenous & People of Color

“Expanding access to capital is key to growing the number of regenerative organic farmers in the United States. Through this partnership between the Institute and Foodshed Capital, historically socially disadvantaged producers will be able to unlock critical financial and educational resources to both start and sustain successful regenerative organic farming businesses in regions across America.”

–Jeff Tkach, Rodale Institute CEO

How It Works

The BIPOC Farmer Micro-Grant Program, which originated with Rodale Institute’s “BIPOC Microgrant Program” in 2021, is funded by Rodale Institute and facilitated by Foodshed Capital. To better position small-scale regenerative organic farmers for long-term success, Rodale Institute will also support producers within Foodshed Capital’s network by providing farmers with access to the Institute’s innovative agricultural workforce development program and on-farm expert consultancy division. Both resources will equip producers with the knowledge and technical training necessary to flourish in the agriculture sector.

To be eligible, farmers must currently be in Foodshed Capital’s pipeline for a loan or be working with their Business Support team and be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to regenerative organic practices on their farm.


“Embedded in the missions of both Foodshed Capital and Rodale Institute is a passion for transforming our agriculture system and helping regenerative organic farmers thrive. By combining the power of our programming and resources we can together amplify the impact of our work, especially in support of BIPOC farmers.”

–Michael Reilly, Foodshed Capital Founder and Executive Director



Learn more about the BIPOC Farmer Micro-Grant Program at Foodshed Capital.

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