All our meat is organically raised on pasture at our state-of-the-art hog facility. You may purchase our meat by the whole or half-hog or by the cut. Orders must be picked up by the customer, as Rodale Institute cannot ship hog and pork purchases.

Whole & Half Hogs

To place an order and arrange pick-up, please contact our Food Production Specialist Jesse Barrett at or 610-683-1439.

Lehigh Valley Meats butchering and processing fees will apply to orders. Please visit their website for more information and prices on butchering and other services.

Order Size Price
Whole Hog — appx. 200 lb. $4/lb.
Half Hog — appx. 100 lb. $4/lb.

Meat Cuts

To place an order for cuts, please contact Heather Gurk, Garden Store Manager, at or 610-683-6009. You may pick-up orders at the Garden Store during open hours.

Cuts Price / lb.
Bacon, Cured or Uncured $10
Bacon, Ends $6
Ground Pork $5
Ham Hocks, Smoked $5
Ham Steak, Fresh or Uncured Smoked $6
Leaf Lard $2.50
Pig Feet $2.50
Pig Head $2.50
Pig Ear $2.50
Pork Belly $5.25
Pork Bones $2.50
Pork Chops, Bone-In $8.50
Pork Chops, Boneless $9
Pork Fat $5.25
Pork Loin, Bone-In or Boneless $6
Ribs, Baby Back $8
Ribs, Spare $6
Boston Butt $6
Roast, Ham — Fresh or Smoked $6
Roast, Shoulder — Fresh or Smoked $6
Roast, Sirloin $6
Sausage, Fresh, Kilebasa, Maple, Sweet Italian or Chorizo $7
Tenderloin $6

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