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Rodale Institute's Organic Farmers Markets

Rodale Institute's Organic Farmers Markets in Allentown feature organic produce, eggs, poultry and pork from the farm, as well as organic products such as cheese, bread and honey from local vendors.

Rodale Institute Welcomes University of Minnesota

University of Minnesota researchers visited Rodale Institute to see the swine facilities, share experiences, and explore possibilities for potential collaborations.

Modern Pastured Pork Production

Originally published by Pennsylvania Certified Organic, take a behind the scenes look at Rodale Institute's Organic Pastured Hog Facility with Farm Manager Ross Duffield. 

From Farm to Hill

While just a small portion of the farm bill addresses organic agriculture, the legislation is a source of significant funding. Nine issues were selected by Organic Farmers Association to focus on.

Chemically And Biologically-Designed Compost Extract

Many methods are being used to keep weeds under control. These include burning them, pulling them out or chopping them down, and treating them with herbicides.