Organic is a philosophy.

This isn’t just about food. Organic is a vision for working and living in harmony with nature. The result is healthy soil, which grows healthy plants, which make for healthy people. By abstaining from synthetic inputs and encouraging natural systems, organic farmers help create a better future for people, animals, and the environment.

In the pages below, get a primer on the basics of organic production.

Organic Basics

Learn the differences between conventional and organic methods. Explore how regenerative organic agriculture goes beyond sustainable. Find out how you can make a difference, and more.

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Organic Farming Practices

Organic farmers rely on a number of fundamental practices to produce abundant food without the use of synthetic inputs. Learn about soil health, cover cropping, crop rotating, organic no-till, and more.

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Issues and Priorities

Agriculture has a big impact on the environment. The farming practices we choose affect climate change, biodiversity, human health, and much more. In this section, discover what’s at stake.

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Organic FAQs

Questions about the cost of organic? Curious about GMOs? Not sure what to look for in the grocery store? We answer common questions about organic food and agriculture, and dispel some of the myths.

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Get a Firsthand Look at Organic

Whether you're looking to buy produce, volunteer, or connect with local farmers, our searchable map of certified organic farms can help.

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