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Webinar: Overcoming Common Barriers to Organic Certification

Learn strategies to manage the transition period, understand certification costs, simplify paperwork, navigate market competition, and leverage educational resources. Gain the knowledge to successfully achieve organic certification. Don’t miss this […]


Webinar: Ancient Wheat: The Old Grain with Prospects

Today’s bread is dominated by modern bread wheat that was developed during the “Green Revolution” of the mid-20th century. Ancient wheat may not be mainstream to feed billions of people […]


Webinar: Farmer Training Programs Overview

This webinar is an overview of the Rodale Institute Farmer Training (RIFT) and the Veteran Farmer Training (VFTP) programs at Rodale Institute. This presentation will describe the similarities and the […]


Webinar: Organic Perennial Crop Production Systems for the Northeast

Perennial cropping systems offer numerous environmental benefits including carbon-sequestration, reduced soil erosion, and improved water quality. In this webinar we will describe the challenges growers face in managing organic orchard […]


Webinar: Ready….Homesteady….Go!

Homesteading is a dream that many people share. And like all dreams there is a lot of work to make it happen and maintain your own operation. Let's talk about […]


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