An Employee Endorsed workplace goes further, together!

Your giving makes an impact. It supports your program and your colleagues, builds a foundation of teamwork, and connects you with the philanthropic work that is crucial to our success.

This is the portal for Rodale Institute employee giving. If you’re not an employee and would like to support our work, please donate here.

“The first time I donated to Rodale Institute, it just felt right. I knew it was going to the right place, and I felt good about doing it. After all these years working here, I continue to believe in what we do, and I continue to give.” -Kimberly Schroeder, Executive Assistant

Give Some, Get Some!

Annually, the Development team supports Employee Endorsed Giving through incentives and perks that bring us together and make your staff experience even better.

This year, as a thank you for your donation, we’re offering a Rodale Institute branded Hydroflask mug to any employee who donates $25, or $1 per paycheck.

Ways to Give

Gifts as little as $1 have an impact! Give once per year or monthly using the form below.

Easier yet—give directly from payroll using this form.

If you prefer to give by cash or check, simply contact



Testimonials from Staff Champions

“I’ve been with Rodale Institute since August 2013 and have seen many changes, have been granted unbelievable opportunities for professional and personal growth, and I have met countless fascinating people from all over the world. What’s most important for me during my time at Rodale Institute is that I developed a steadfast commitment to their mission. For me and my family there is no going back, whether I am employed at the Institute or elsewhere, I will continue to live and share their mission with those around me. I believe in the good that Rodale Institute is trying to accomplish and that is why I choose to give back as an employee and a member of my community so that I can share their successes.”
– Rick Carr, Farm Director

“I share with Rodale the basic principle that food is medicine. Rodale Institute gives me the opportunity to contribute with my research to find solutions that can feed a growing world sustainably and make this world the best it can be. I am very grateful for that—and that is why I give back.”
– Arianna Bozzolo, California Organic Center Research Director

heather gurk

“I support giving back to the farm in any way that you can and makes you comfortable. I am proud to support Rodale Institute’s mission—and because animal welfare is my biggest passion in life, I am especially happy to contribute to the care of our friendly feline coworkers.”
– Heather Gurk, Garden Store Manager


“Knowing the people on staff who work hard to help us reach our goals makes employee giving a no-brainer for me. On a daily basis, I see the passion of our team members who go above and beyond in their work because they are committed to our mission, and that drive is contagious. I know exactly where my financial support is going, and contributing makes me feel like I am helping us get that much closer to a healthier, more organic future.”
– Tammy Hobar, Brand Manager