The apparel industry has previously struggled to find relevant information on regenerative agriculture. A new report provides concrete tools and advocates for sustainable transitions.

In January, Textile Exchange published the Regenerative Agriculture Landscape Analysis, a comprehensive report that provides a framework for the industry to understand and invest in transitions to regenerative agriculture.

Textile Exchange is a global non-profit that develops sustainable industry standards and publishes data so that manufacturers, brands, and farmers have the tools to manage their use of materials.

Their objective is a critical one, as there are major disruptions to fiber production on the horizon due to climate impacts. The report urges companies to involve themselves in pilot projects that are developed in partnership with farmers, researchers, and Indigenous communities. This collaborative approach will help generate more data on regenerative agriculture and usher in a new economic model for the apparel industry that prioritizes non-extractive supply chains and degrowth.

At Rodale Institute, we have long believed that every consumer good should begin with crops grown through regenerative practices. That’s why we reach beyond food systems and partner with sustainably-minded clothing brands Everlane, Taylor Stitch, and Yes And.

You can also help further the regenerative mission by checking out Rodale Institute’s Garden Store apparel online or visiting our physical location in Kutztown, PA.

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