Ancient Nutrition is on a mission to transform the health of people and the planet through history’s most powerful superfoods. They believe that nutrition is about supporting the highest-quality ingredients and that Rodale Institute’s revolutionary strategies offer the opportunity to regenerate human health and the natural supplement industry.

Starting this year, Ancient Nutrition is dedicating one percent of their annual revenue to begin the first stage of a 14-year project to study Rodale Institute’s methods of encouraging environmental regeneration and healthy food production through carbon sequestration, water conservation, and supporting soil microbe biodiversity. Ancient Nutrition will be directing the transition of 4,000+ certified organic acres across two farms in Tennessee and Missouri to regenerative agricultural practices through their R.A.N.C.H. Project, in collaboration with the research scientists at Rodale Institute.

Together, we hope to measure and document the following:

  1. Soil health improvements
  2. Carbon sequestration/drawdown per acre
  3. Topsoil depth
  4. Organic matter
  5. Water infiltration
  6. Micronutrient testing
  7. Microbial analysis
  8. Livestock carrying capacity and health
  9. Ecological biodiversity
  10. Perennial plant production

In addition to the ongoing research, Ancient Nutrition is working with Rodale Institute’s Organic Consulting Services to transition a portion of their land to Regenerative Organic Certified™, the highest soil standards in modern agriculture.

We know that industrial farming practices pollute the environment and have led to global epidemics of chronic disease; regenerative organic farming keeps nutrients where they belong—in the soil. However, this isn’t Rodale Institute’s first foray into food-as-medicine: in 2014, we established an organic farm on the Anderson Campus of the St. Luke’s University Health Network to offer organic produce to patients and staff. There, patients are proscribed organic food as a means of regenerating their bodies. We hope that growing high-quality, organic ingredients for natural supplements will have a similar effect, supporting and regenerating human health for generations.

Human Health

“At our core, we believe that Rodale Institute is a human health organization,” said Jeff Tkach, Rodale Institute’s Chief Impact Officer. “This partnership with Ancient Nutrition offers us an opportunity to educate consumers that the way we grow our agricultural products impacts our own health and the health of the planet. We’re proud to work alongside such a well-respected brand in the wellness industry to bring this story to life.”