Rodale Institute and Kutztown University have formed a partnership to offer a bachelor’s degree focused on Regenerative Agriculture.

Rodale Institute and Kutztown University have an agreement of academic cooperation, to provide Kutztown University students and faculty access to Rodale Institute’s research facility, field laboratories, in-house laboratories, cropping, and livestock areas.

The Regenerative Agriculture program to be offered at Kutztown University will pull from the strengths of the Environmental Science Program in Ecology, Environmental Science, and Earth Systems programs. It will also incorporate the agriculture lands at Kutztown University, and Rodale Institute’s expertise in organic and regenerative agriculture.

Students in the program will focus on upper-division courses that develop knowledge of agroecosystems and extensive hands-on skills in implementing, monitoring, and assessing the efficacy of developing regenerative agriculture practice. The goal is for the graduating students to be prepared to fill many roles in science, governance, community, and agriculture.

“The breadth and depth of the Environmental Science curriculum means that graduates are well-prepared for a diversity of careers in the field, the lab, and the office,” said Dr. Jacob Sewall, Kutztown University Associate Professor, Geology. “Graduates frequently work as laboratory technicians, resource managers, conservationists, and planners. The addition of the regenerative organic agriculture coursework expands those broad roles into those targeted at soil and agriculture resources, conservation, and associated planning as well as supporting field and laboratory technician careers.”

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