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Growing Summer Semester!

May 22nd was the first day of the summer semester at Rodale Institute for students enrolled in the Organic Farming Certificate Program (OFCP), offered in partnership with Delaware Valley University (DelVal). Students in the Organic Farming Certificate Program will participate in two accredited courses this summer, Soil Health and Plant Health Management, and will receive over 200 hours of hands-on farm experience.


Organic Farming Certificate Program Graduate: Alicia Leone

Alicia Leone is a graduate of the Organic Farming Certificate Program (OFCP). After completing the program in May 2018, she returned home to Block Island, a part of Rhode Island. There she resides with her husband and son, Axel, and runs an organic operation on her husband’s family farm, a 44-acre property that has been part of the family for several generations. This summer, Alicia is using one acre of the land to begin producing organic vegetables. She’ll test her soil and determine which crops do well, then develop a crop plan for next year. (more…)

Organic Beekeeping and Veterans: Make for a Busy Day!

In early May, veterans participating in Rodale Institute's Veteran Farmer Training Program visited the Institute's Working Tree Center (WTC) in Allentown, Pennsylvania and worked alongside resident beekeeper Mike Schmaeling. Mike has been a part of Rodale Institute’s honeybee conservancy program for the past five years using organic, treatment-free beekeeping strategies to create healthy, hardy bees that can naturally withstand disease, pests, and harsh weather conditions. (more…)

Veterans and Interns Attend Frecon Farms Workshop

On May 16th, the Veteran Farmer Training Program and Agriculture Supported Communities Program visited Frecon Farms in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. Frecon Farms, family-owned and operating since 1944, includes an orchard, bakery, cidery, and farm market. Steve Frecon, owner, provided an overview of the family history and business followed by a tour of the cidery. (more…)