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Crop Performance in Farming Systems Trial

In its 35th year of existence, the Farming Systems Trial (FST) at Rodale Institute continues to demonstrate, through scientific research data, that organic farming is superior to conventional systems with regard to building, maintaining and replenishing the health of the soil. This is the key to regenerative agriculture as it provides the foundation for its present and future growth. (more…)

Facilities Team Member

Facilities Team Member

The Facilities Team Member will work day to day in the upkeep of all Rodale Institute buildings and their required maintenance. The Facilities Team member will work together with other team members to be sure all tasks, projects and maintenance needs are handled in a timely, professional, efficient and cost effective manner. (more…)

Vertical Gardening in the Urban Environment

UPDATE: Join Rodale Institute Compost Production Specialist for his introductory class into Vertical Gardening for urban and suburban locations on Saturday, June 25, from 10am to 1pm. Register now!: http://rodaleinstitute.org/event-registration/?ee=195

Most urban centers across the United States have been labeled as “food deserts” where city residents do not have access to local, fresh produce. Food is transported to city centers by the truckloads from tens and even thousands of miles away. Oftentimes, these materials arrive close to or past their expiration and the condition of the food is questionable. As a result, city residents, which account for 81% of the US population, are provided with low quality produce.