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Is Organic Really the Healthier Option?

A Recap Over the last four weeks (read essays one, two, three, and four), we’ve covered a lot of material about the myths and truths of organic including: Organic foods […]

Updated on Jul 23, 2019

Is Organic Worth the Media Buzz?

The latest media buzz over organic foods is a bit of a non-event here at the Rodale Institute. The Stanford study asks the question, “Are Organic Foods Safer or Healthier […]

Updated on Aug 8, 2019

Your Milk May Be Harming Your Health

Got milk? Many families around America serve their children milk every day. But do these families know they’ve also “got pesticides?” A new study conducted by Emory University, in collaboration […]

Updated on Aug 7, 2019

10 Tips For Adding Livestock to your Crop Rotation

What is integrated crop-livestock? Integrated crop-livestock management is a type of mixed farming that can exist in many forms and scales depending on external and internal factors. External factors can […]

Updated on Aug 15, 2019

Can Organic Feed the World?

On the Rise With the global population set to hit 9.1 billion by 20501, it’s true that in the future we’ll need to grow more food than ever. But there’s […]

Updated on Jul 23, 2019

Food Law: A Developing Discipline

Food Law & Policy is a rapidly developing new legal discipline. It incorporates elements of traditional food and drug law, as well as elements of traditional agricultural law. However, its approach […]

Updated on Aug 8, 2019

Literature Review: Crop & Livestock Integration

Organic Crops and Livestock Driven by consumer demand, organic food sales have increased from $3.6 billion in 1997 to $31.5 billion in 2013 (OTA, 2014) and $52.5 billion in 2018 […]

Updated on Aug 15, 2019