Tree as a Crop

Solutions rooted in nature

Tree As A Crop uses a simple concept that offers extraordinary potential to create ecological, social and economic health. Modeled on the natural cycle of planting, harvesting and replanting annual field crops, Tree As A Crop offers a way to put trees to work to improve ecosystems, while helping to create a healthy prosperity for farmers and small forest landowners.

We all want paper and wooden projects, but we are reluctant to cut down trees. By planting saplings in under-utilized areas of the farm where traditional crops will not grow, farmers have an opportunity to create additional income and add value to their land. By sustainably managing trees—as one would with any other crop—a farmer can yield both environmental and economic benefits.

Tree as a Crop shows farmers and other landowners how to maximize the potential of trees to improve biodiversity on forested and agricultural land, to capture carbon and to provide a diversified income stream for landowners. Benefits include:

• Creating and restoring habitat to promote biodiversity.
• Sequestering carbon; releasing oxygen.
• Mitigating the effects of global climate change.
• Providing financial rewards for farmers.