Rodale Institute has embarked on a new area of organic innovation by establishing a demonstration orchard nestled in the picturesque landscape of our main campus in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

The orchard will be used for captivating educational programs highlighting the art and science of organic orchard management and profound ecological benefits that trees bring to our agricultural landscape.

About the Orchard

Sponsoring a tree in Rodale Institute’s Honor Orchard is the perfect way to honor a colleague, friend or loved one while supporting the vital work the Institute does each day.

All honorees will receive a commemorative plaque near their tree and a yearly update from our Perennial Systems Scientist Leah Archer Ph.D. describing the innovative education and research initiatives involving their tree.

Our Perennial Species

This orchard boasts a vibrant tapestry of 15 perennial species, meticulously curated to show not only the benefits of but also how to establish select orchard crops.


American Paw Paw
American Persimmon
Hardy Pecan
Chinese Chestnut
American Hazelnut
European Hazelnut
American Plum
Asian Pear

Perennial Berries

Red Currant
American Black Elderberry
Highbush Blueberry

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