Honeybee Conservancy

How it works

The Honeybee Conservancy classes at Rodale Institute consist of a 2-day workshop covering everything beginning beekeepers need to know to get started as hive stewards. Established beekeepers can also learn how to transition their conventional hives to non-toxic, healthy hive management.

Hive stewards puts the bees first meaning:

Clean, natural comb
No smoke
No toxic chemicals
Preservation -vs- production

Instructor Meme Thomas, Director of Baltimore Honey, is a member of the AFB-American Federation of Beekeepers, EAS-Eastern Apiculture Society, BUMBA Bowie Upper Marlboro Beekeepers Association, and HCBA – Howard County Beekeepers Association. Meme received the Maryland State Beekeepers Association 2010 George Imirie Award for excellence in beekeeping education.

Participants in our program can also purchase a unique hive that class instructor Meme Thomas developed: Thomas Hybrid Hive. This hive is a combination of a top bar hive and the traditional Langstroth hive, proving a great habitat for the bees and easy access for keepers.

Check the calendar for the next Honeybee Conservancy Training Course.