Planting Seeds for the Future

Training a new generation of organic farmers

At Rodale Institute, we are committed to sharing our expertise and knowledge with farmers throughout the world. SLUHN.Intern

Our hands-on programs are ideal for aspiring organic farmers and food-systems advocates. We provide experiential, skills-based education in organic farming. Students get a unique and comprehensive education by participating in all aspects of our diverse farm operation, learning from educators in the classroom and in the field alongside our team of experts.

Training features comprehensive learning opportunities in organic farming, seasonal crops planning, tools and machinery, composting, soil biology, livestock, and business planning and marketing.

Our training programs have served as a launch pad for countless farmers and scientists who've gone on to do incredible work in the organic sector and beyond.

Our training programs include the following:

Delaware Valley University (Del Val) and Rodale Institute have created a 36-credit certificate program focused on  organic agriculture. The one-year curriculum combines classroom courses on animal science, marketing, vegetable production, organic crop science, entomology, weed management and sustainable agriculture during the spring and fall semesters on the Del Val campus. The summer semester is spent at Rodale Institute.

The St. Luke’s Rodale Institute Organic Farm is an innovative farm-to-hospital model. Interns are trained in greenhouse production, field work, pest & weed management, farm equipment, record keeping, irrigation, CSA distribution, bee keeping, wholesale distribution, and various other skills.

Research Department interns work with staff researchers to lay out experimental field plots, assist with greenhouse plantings, conduct lab experiments, tend and maintain experiments, collect and process samples from the field, and enter data for statistical analysis and interpretation.

Agriculture Supported Communities (ASC) brings fresh, high-quality organic food to underserved communities and provides a viable business model for new or established farmers who want to enter these markets. Internship participants are trained with responsibilities in every aspect of operating a small local organic grower’s business.

Garden interns learn and practice the fundamental principles of organic plant cultivation and garden maintenance. Interns have the opportunity to work with a diverse selection of plant material including vegetables, flowers, shrubs and trees.

Rodale Institute livestock interns work with dairy cows, organic swine and poultry, a team of oxen, a small herd of goats, sheep and donkeys. This internship is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about organic animal agriculture and organic veterinary care.

To learn more about how you can apply to be part of our training program, click here.