Heritage Pastured Pigs

Rodale Institute

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Heritage Pastured Pigs

May 31, 2014

10:00 am – 1:00 pm


Heritage breed pigs come from bloodlines going back hundreds of years when livestock was raised exclusively on open-pasture farms. Because of their particular genes, these breeds are much appreciated for their rich and flavorful meat.


However, these breeds are not suited for commercial farming practices and as a result their gene pool decreases and some breeds are in danger of being lost forever.


Heritage pigs can be a valuable addition to a diversified small farm by providing meat and helping clear land. A pasture-based production system is a very cost-effective method of meat production and is very appealing to consumers who look for high quality meat from humanly treated animals. Grazing hogs on pasture not only benefits the animals but also improves the overall farm, as hogs will clean up weather-damaged crops and weed species, fertilize pastures/fields with manure and can even be used to “till up” underproductive areas.


Heritage hogs display a wide range of instinctive behaviors, such as rooting, foraging, nesting and wallowing. In order for hogs to be healthy and happy, they need to be raised in an environment that will allow them to express their natural behaviors.

Join our veterinarian Dr. Hubert Karreman in this class to learn all about breeds, housing, feed and pastures, handling and health issues and how to solve them.


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Instructor: Hubert Karreman, VMD


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