Life in the Soil, Full Package (October 4-9/2013)

Rodale Institute

Event Description:

We created this registration page that allows you to register once for all the Life In the Soil classes that are part of the Fall Session classes with Dr. Elaine Ingham from October 4 to October 9, 2013.

All classes are taught by Dr. Elaine Ingham, a world-renowned soil microbiologist and Rodale Institute's Chief Scientist. For more than three decades Dr. Ingham has helped thousands of individuals and companies improve their agricultural practices through a deeper understanding of what soil health really means.

Dr. Ingham's teaching style makes it easy to comprehend how important biology is to healthy soil. This class will illustrate the pieces that are missing for successful organic farming and gardening practices. Once you understand soil biology all the other pieces fall into place. You will comprehend how compost, cover crops, fertilizers, and no-till farming practices all affect the quality and health of your soil. The knowledge you gain will allow for a more holistic and simple approach to growing your crops as well as weed management.

The program is structured in one three-day class that will build the learning foundation followed by a compost, compost tea/extract and a microscop class. Each one of these classes builds on knowledge aquired in the previous class for a comprehensive understanding of complex forms of life in the soil and their importance for agriculture.

We require that participants bring their own microscope or rent one of ours for a daily fee of $50. We recommend a microscope with 4X, 10X, and 40X objective lenses (40X is critical), and 10X eyepieces. If you do not already have a microscope and would like to buy one, we negotiated a 10% discount with the company where we buy our microscopes. Here is a link to their page:

The coupon code is "RODALE10P" (all in capital letters). The discount applies to the 4 microscopes sold with a camera. Make note that the discount does not apply to the M8311E microscope sold without a camera (item number 9401756). They also sell an aluminum case that will make it easier and safer to travel with your microscope.

For more information or to register for just one class in this series, please call or email Maria Pop, Education and Outreach Manager, at (610) 683-1481, or 

Tuition includes lunch, snacks and refreshments
Pre-registration is required

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.