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Calling all Veterans

Rodale Institute is accepting applications for our Veteran Farmer Training Program. This program targets the needs to veterans interested in a career in organic agriculture.

Continuing to Learn After 82 Years of Beekeeping

Paul Wikerd, 97, has been beekeeping since he was 15 and along with Rodale Institute, he’s still learning. Wikerd and Rodale Institute resident beekeeper hopes to collaborate on apiary research.

Rodale Institute Teaches Kutztown University Students about Solid Waste

Solid waste is not a typical topic of conversation. However, for 15 Kutztown University students,  it was the highlight of their afternoon.

Testing Concern of Potential Human Pathogens in Organic Meat

Due to a concern that organic meat and dairy may contain higher levels of potential human pathogens, researchers test the meat.

What Do Yellow Sticky Cards Tell Us About Beneficial Insects & Pests?

Rodale Institute scientists help vegetable growers combat a pest that can wipe out an entire crop in only a few days.

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