Backyard Chickens
April 26, 2014
Want to have chickens in your backyard and get fresh eggs every day? Come see our chicken operation and find out how easy it is to start your own. We will talk about cost, breeds, housing, health, handling, and predators. » Learn more...

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We have a system of predatory agriculture in which corporations pursue private gain relentlessly, regardless of the social consequences..[including] rendering the business of farming economically unsustainable.
~ Coach Mark Smallwood

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News and Views

Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Climate Change

Climate chaos seems overwhelming and unsolvable, but a new white paper from Rodale Institute explains how we can begin reversing the destructive trend today.

Bloom Alert: April 23, 2014

The tulip buds are just starting to open, but we are still waiting for the BIG BLOOM. In the meantime, come cut your own daffodils and some early risers.

Commuting Farm Worker Needed

Rodale Institute is looking for three farm workers for a new site in Easton, PA. The farm will be growing organic produce in a farm-to-institution model.

March of the Piglets: Special Edition of Farm Photo Friday

Our piglets have grown since their polar vortex birthday, and it’s now warm enough to get them out on pasture. See their epic journey!

GMO Pushers and the Art of War

A staggering 93 percent of Americans polled say they want foods containing GMO ingredients to be labeled. So why is Monsanto getting its way so far?