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Different Models of Farmers’ Markets in Urban Neighborhoods

Organic Allentown Project Manager analyzing this year's farmers market data to provide a viable farmers market plan in urban neighborhoods.

Is There a Market for Organic Foods in Urban Neighborhoods?

Learn more about the impact the Organic Allentown Farmers Markets created in center city Allentown, PA.

Removing Weed Habitat and Improving Crop Health

An update on Rodale Institute’s Plants Protecting Plants project during the removing weed habitat and improving crop health process.

Preparing Soil Samples in the Lab

After assisting Researchers with collecting soil samples from Farming Systems Trial fields, the soil samples were prepared for analysis.

Dr. Kris Nichols to Speak at Future Harvest CASA

Dr. Kristine Nichols will share research about sequestering carbon in soils at Cultivate the Chesapeake Foodshed conference.

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