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Rodale Institute Inspires through Education & Outreach

Every year, Rodale Institute welcomes thousands of visitors to the farm. In July, STEM teachers and students from Lancaster-Lebanon visited.

OFA Members Present at Farm Bill Meeting

Organic Farmers Association Director and Steering Committee Chair presented testimonies at the Farm Bill Listening Session in Morgan, Minnesota.

Veterans in Ag: Corio Bruestle

Although he never worked in agriculture before, Corio knew that being closer to nature, working hard and being able to put others first were things that needed to be present in his career.

Nodulation in Organic & Conventional Systems

Nodules in roots from soybean plants in Rodale Institute’s FST manure-based organic system were compared to roots from the conventional system.

Shade Avoidance: Can We Breed for Weed Resistance?

Starting in 2015, Rodale Institute began greenhouse studies to determine if crops can be bred to tolerate weeds.