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Compost Effects On Weed Suppression

Rodale Institute researchers find compost extracts can help organic vegetable growers manage weeds and increase crop yields.

Nodulation in Organic & Conventional Systems

Nodules in roots from soybean plants in Rodale Institute’s FST manure-based organic system were compared to roots from the conventional system.

Shade Avoidance: Can We Breed for Weed Resistance?

Starting in 2015, Rodale Institute began greenhouse studies to determine if crops can be bred to tolerate weeds.

Newspaper and Other Recycled Paper

Guest post by Organic Materials Review Institute about recycled paper allowed in certified organic crop production as mulch for weed control and as a compost feedstock.

Veterans in Ag: Larry Byers

After the Army, Larry went on to be a high school guidance counselor. Even though he loved being an essential part of the kids' lives, Larry still felt he had another mission in life.