What you eat can truly change your life

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By Shari Leidich, founder of Two Moms in the Raw

Lately, the Colorado weather has been like my fast approaching journey to menopause. One day warm and lovable, the next day dipping into single digits and wanting to take out a person or two. Even though I go to yoga and eat well I still have a problem with that person at the gym who places her bench right near mine when the room is empty! Am I wrong?

Shari and her family, enjoying some delicious raw treats!

Shari and her family, enjoying some delicious raw treats!

I often wonder the change in temperature and impact of the barometric pressure on my hormones and am ever so thankful to have the tools I need to stay balanced (90%, no 80%, okay, 75% of the time). Don’t judge! My arsenal of self-care begins with sleep, exercise and feeding me and my family clean, organic foods.

Fortunately for my company, there are organizations like the Rodale Institute that support organic and make it easy for Two Moms to source ingredients. The organic certification process is an amazing practice we have in place in our country. From the soil and the farmers, to the processing and handling facilities, there are strict rules set forth to ensure all foods that carry the organic label are the best of the best. Without the Rodale Institute’s persistent and pioneering efforts in organic farming, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

I’m a mom of three, an entrepreneur and a big believer in organic and raw foods. In 2004, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and suddenly went from exercising and hiking daily, to barely being able to hold a pen. Through research, I found that a natural approach to healing – including an organic and raw foods diet – worked best for me and helped me control my MS symptoms.

I couldn’t find any tasty on-the-go raw snacks, so I created my own and Two Moms in the Raw was born in 2006. Like our ingredients, our business has truly grown organically – from Boulder, Colorado’s Farmer’s Market to distribution in national stores like Whole Foods Market. Today, we are a growing and successful company that makes 100% organic, Non-GMO, raw, sprouted, vegan and gluten-free delicious snacks including: granola bars, nut bars, truffles, crackers and grain free cereal.

What you eat can truly change your life – it certainly did mine. After being diagnosed with MS, diet became my savior and today, I am symptom-free. Without pioneering organizations like Rodale Institute who help assure that organic foods are readily available, I know I wouldn’t be as healthy as I am today. Now, I feel like the lucky one since I get to help make healthy, organic, nutritionally-dense, tasty snacks available to everyone!

Did you know that raw foods (like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds) are alive? You can plant them, and they will grow! So, of course, we should be putting “live” foods in our mouths to help our bodies thrive and grow. Also, at Two Moms in the Raw, we soak, sprout and rinse many of our ingredients to further maximize their nutritional benefits. It’s a really neat process and we feel like we do it all day long since we source and sprout a lot of organic almonds – 100,000 pounds annually! We also source and sprout 26,700 pounds of organic millet annually from a local Colorado company. And, we sprout 154,000 pounds of organic gluten-free oat groats annually for our granola bars. Oat groats provide the body with a complex source of carbohydrates and help clean the gut as they are high in soluble fiber.

Like the Rodale Institute, we believe in improving the health and well-being of people. We know our products are good for you and good for the planet, and these two things keep us excited about the work we do every day. Now, enjoy spring, get out in your garden, start growing some sprouts and fuel your body with some healthy, organic fuel. And, of course, when all else fails blame it on the weather!

Meet Shari Leidich

Shari Leidich is the founder of Two Moms in the Raw, a family-run company that makes raw, sprouted, 100% organic, gluten-free granola bars, nut bars, sea crackers, and truffles. Two Moms in the Raw snacks have been singled out by Outside, Vegetarian Times, and Delicious Living. Shari lives in Colorado with her husband, Greg, and her three children.


2 Responses to “What you eat can truly change your life”

  1. selma silverman

    Dear Shari, good for you You are a great lady. By developing this wonderful product for yourself, you have ended up helping thousands of people become aware of how important it is to eat well, exercise and sleep well. Keep up the good work and God Bless You. Love Selma P>S> Your products are fabulous and I just love them.

  2. Marsha Koolik

    You have been one of the guiding forces in bringing “Raw” into the daily life of so many. Two Moms has changed the face of healthy eating. Your commitment to your own health and that of the family has given you a strong voice in the Organic community.
    You are definitely a Beacon of Light and Raw Love.
    I should know.
    Mom of the Mom


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