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In Love, Nature, Magic, organic advocate and former CEO of a global health and wellness company, Maria Rodale, combines her love of nature and gardening with her experience in shamanic journeying, embarking on an epic adventure to learn from plants, animals, and insects―including some of the most misunderstood beings in nature. Maria asks them their purpose and listens as they show and declare what they want us humans to know. From thistles to snakes, poison ivy to mosquitoes, these nature beings convey messages that are relevant to every human, showing us how to live in balance and harmony on this Earth.

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About the Author

Maria Rodale

Maria Rodale is an explorer in search of the mysteries of the universe. Author, artist, activist and recovering CEO, she serves on the board of the Rodale Institute and is also a former board co-chair. Throughout her career, she has advocated for the potential of organic regenerative farming to heal the damage wrought by pesticides and industrial agricultural practices. She is the author of Organic Manifesto and Scratch and is a secret children’s book author. Maria is a mother, grandmother, and crazy gardener who lives in Pennsylvania, right near where she was born.