Workshops and field days in the comfort of your own home

We’re in the process of creating and scheduling a selection of full-service webinars. Until then, we’ve compiled a number of our most popular conference and workshop presentations for your viewing pleasure.

Biological Control for Plant Disease Management: Understanding the options and their effectiveness
Learn how you can use biology to control and manage diseases that may affect your plants.

Bringing the Dirt to Your Doorstep: Weed Management
Join Rodale Institute, Penn State University, North Carolina State University and Iowa State University as growers and researchers present live, hands-on farmer workshops on sustainable strategies and tools for non-chemical weed management. Funded by Farm Aid. (Farmers and ag professionals)

Share the Buzz
Honeybees are at risk nationwide. Learn more about the value of honeybees to our everyday lives and what we can do to help preserve these precious pollinators. (All audiences)

Agriculture Supported Communities Explains the basic structure of the ASC program as a low-cost CSA and farmer incubator. Also covers “how-to” steps for straw bale gardening techniques. (All audiences)

Soil Biology
Covers the basics of soil biology, what it is “in there” and why it matters. Includes details on the carbon and nitrogen cycles and the soil food web. (Excellent for high school students, good for all audiences)

Impacts of Plastic and Cover Crop Mulches on Weeds, Soil Quality, Yields and Season Length for Tomatoes
Reviews our research results on controlling weeds with cover crop mulches rather than black plastic and discusses the details of incorporating them on the farm. (Farmers, market gardeners and ag professionals)

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