The J.I. Rodale Leadership Society is a dedicated community of passionate leaders who go above and beyond to support a regenerative organic future.

Leadership Society members are people like you, who come from all walks of life and from across the globe, to restore our broken food and farming system. Leadership Society members understand the fundamental, indispensable need for healthy soil to produce healthy food, healthy people, and a healthy planet.

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When you join the J.I. Rodale Leadership Society, you become part of the movement that J.I. Rodale started in the 1940s. Raising the alarm against a widespread shift to chemical and industrial agriculture, J.I. introduced the need for organic growing methods in America. Although J.I. grew up on Manhattan’s Lower East Side and never farmed a day in his life, he fearlessly launched a life-long pursuit of understanding the connection between healthy soil, healthy people, and a healthy planet.

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• Harvest Level: $10,000 USD and above
• Cultivator Level: $5,000 USD
• Pollinator Level: $2,500 USD
• Heirloom Level: $1,000 USD

A donation of just $83.33 a month qualifies you for the Heirloom level!

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As a member, you will receive:

Access to a growing network of Leadership Society members

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  • Leadership society members are diverse and include business owners, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, farmers, policy-makers, educators & advocates

  • from 24 states and 2 continents

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Here's what several members of the J.I. Rodale Leadership Society had to say:

“Rodale is focused on large scale change, but as an organization is deeply relational and personal in their work with farmers and their communication with donors. I am honored to be able to support Rodale as they support regenerative practices and our precious planet.”
– Ann Hall, Santa Rosa, CA

“Rodale’s bold mission, paired with the dedication and enthusiasm of everyone I met, inspired me to become a consistent contributor. I am proud to stand with Rodale in support of their critical work in education, research, and improving the well-being of our planet and its people through the development of healthy soil.”
– Roberta Beech, Washington Depot, CT

“I grew up in Vermont with family farms, and my values connect deeply with Rodale’s focus on soil health and supporting farm systems that work in harmony with nature to improve the quality of our life. The interconnectedness of family, community and planet is not possible without a thriving organic agricultural movement that gives farmers dignity, sovereignty and economic security. Rodale’s work sits firmly on the side of a healthy, vibrant future for everyone.”
– Nathan Irons, Burlington, VT

Join the J.I. Rodale Legacy

Please check with your employer to see if they offer a gift matching program. You could be able to double your impact in healing people and the planet.

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