Farm Photo Friday: March 7, 2014

Every Friday we share some snaps from our 333-acres in Kutztown, PA. Our photographers? The staff members who keep this farm chugging along. Enjoy a sneak peek at what’s going on here at Rodale Institute!

We have been on the road quite a bit, so we missed last week's edition.  Don't worry, you get extra this week.  Let's start with some 'off-farm' photos and the accompanying tales, chronicling our adventures away from the Institute.

Here is Jeff Moyer, Rodale Institute Farm Director, presenting to a packed house on the topic of Organic Weed Management at the famed MOSES conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

At the MOSES Conference, Jeff did all the presenting and Aaron Kinsman, Media Relations Specialist, got the easy job, as usual: setting up the booth and making friends!  Great photo by Laurie Schneider!

As soon as Jeff and Aaron returned from MOSES, another caravan was on the way out to represent Rodale Institute - this time at EXPO West in California!  Here is our Executive Director, 'Coach,' feeling welcome at the Corona Tools headquarters.

The EXPO West caravan includes (L to R) Molly Sweitzer, Megan Kintzer, and Coach.  Thank you Corona!

So... It's important that you know - just in case you're ever in this situation.  Molly loves garden gear.  Here you can see her head is actually spinning as she tries to cultivate the carpet.  She has gone into a farm photo frenzy!  Someone get her back to soil!

OK - Back at the farm!

Ross Duffield, Farm Manager, and sausage-maker extraordinaire!  Can't you see the marquis?  'Sausages by Ross.'  Dare I say - 'Rossages?'  Too far?  Call them what you want, they were exceptional.

When the weather starts to let up a bit, as it has been doing lately, and when piglets reach a certain age, which ours have, then comes the time for piglets (and recent mamas) to venture into the great outdoors.  Remember those tiny piglets we've been posting pics of for weeks?  They got bigger.  Here is the first shot of a short series (3 photos) we will call...

'The Running of the Piglets'

(1) Here Ross is seen preparing for this deft feat - to run with piglets who are always highly curious, but now entranced with the new adventure of the great outdoors!  Watch out Ross!  They may untie your shoes!

(2) And they're off!  The brisk winter air, experienced for the first time!  Ross is right in the mix and the spectators are at the edge of their seats!

(3) Whoa!  Look at them just stampede out the door!  Ross uses his secret power (leg length) to escape the rush just in time!  (This has been a dramatization - maybe even more of an imagination.)

This concludes 'The Running of the Piglets.'

In the greenhouse, things are starting to sprout up.  Like Sam Moll, for instance.  When Mike Horvath, our #1 Volunteer and this photographer entered the greenhouse, we didn't see Sam.  So, naturally, we started to gossip about him.  Wouldn't you know it, he was picking weeds underneath the tables.  Shucks, how embarrassing.  Anyway, the fact is that there is just no greenhouse team like the one you see here, no matter what anyone says about them.  In all seriousness, thank you, Mike, for your enduring commitment to the Institute and for all you do.

Outside, Ross can be seen at the top of the ladder on the grain bin.  Don Jantzi is peeking out of the door on the bottom.  The corn was picked up today.  As simple an operation as it may be, it never gets old.  It is just so cool to watch!

Ross is about to jump right in and get to it.

Here is a close-up peek at the work they have to do in there: shoveling the corn to maintain the rate of flow going into the truck.  It's a bit like shoveling snow, but with the floor sinking beneath you as you go.

Introducing...  A whole new brood of heritage breed chicks!  Here is a snapshot looking into their brooder box, where they stay very warm as they grow in these early stages.

They're curious like piglets and most young  critters, but some of them already have a bit of that chicken attitude.

So they are kind of, well, ridiculously cute in there.  We have more diversity in heritage breeds now which is very exciting.  It looks like a little chicken city in there.

This little chick was particularly fuzzy, friendly and photogenic.  He hopped in my hand and seemed to say, 'This is the better side of my profile...'

The pigs love being outside even more now that their food is outside with them!  Here is the proud mama, Xena, showing off a snout full of happiness.  Watch out Xena, one of your little ones stole your spot while you were getting your photo taken!

This wanderer sneaked around to the other side of the feeder to eat in peace.

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