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May 6, 2021 @ 10:00 am4:00 pm EDT

Organic Plant Sale

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for: come to Rodale Institute and get all your summer garden plants (and maybe a Mother’s Day gift)!

We have everything you need to get your organic garden growing. Purchase certified organic plants (including vegetables, herbs and flowers) compost, seeds, soil and more! Rodale Institute’s organic gardening experts will be on hand to answer questions about the best plants for your needs.

There is no admission fee for this event.

All plants will be sold in-person first-come first-serve. Please see below for a list of seedlings we will have available.

Basil, Amethyst Improved (purple genovese) Chamomile Eggplant, White Star Marigold, Happy Day Mix Sweet Pepper, Escamillo Tomato, Granadero
Basil, Aroma 2 Cherry Tomato Mix (Sun Gold/Black Cherry) Eucalyptus, Silver Drop Nasturtium Kaleidoscope Mix Sweet Pepper, Glow Tomato, Great White
Basil, Blue Spice Cilantro Gazania, New Day Mix Okra, Clemson Spineless Sweet Pepper, Jimmy Nardello Tomato, Iron Lady
Basil, Cardinal Red Flowered Cosmos, Cosmic Mix Heirloom Tomato Mix (Amish Paste/Rutgers/Brandywine) Onion, Almagro (yellow) Sweet Pepper, Lipstick Tomato, Martha Washington
Basil, Cinnamon Crenshaw Melon, Lilly Herb Fennel Bronze/Green Onion, Bridewhite Sweet Pepper, Lunchbox Tomato, Primo Red
Basil, Citrus Cucumber, Burpless 26 Herb Sage Oregano, Greek Sweet Pepper, Shishito Tomato, Red Pearl
Basil, Greek Cucumber, Itachi Honeydew Melon, Honey Orange Parsley, Italian Dark Green Sweet Pepper, Stocky Red Roaster Tomato, Rutgers
Basil, Italian Large Leaf Cucumber, Little Leaf Hot Pepper Mix (Jalapeno/Cayenne/Habanero) Parsley, Peione (flat leaf) Sweet Pepper, Sweet Banana Tomato, Speckled Roman
Basil, Prospera Cucumber, Marketmore Hot Pepper, Carolina Reaper Perennial Herb Combo Sweet Pepper, Truhart Tomato, Sungold
Basil, Red Rubin Cucumber, Salt & Pepper Hot Pepper, Early Jalapeno Rosemary Thunbergia, Susie White Tomato, Sweet and Neat (mini)
Basil, Rutgers Devotion (genovese) Cucumber, Specialty Mix Hot Pepper, Ghost Salvia, Victoria Blue Thyme, Summer Tomato, Tasmanian Chocolate
Basil, Rutgers Devotion (genovese)-6 pk Cucumber, Suyo Long Hot Pepper, Habanero Scarlet Runner Bean Tomatillo, Toma Verde Watermelon, Crimson Sweet
Basil, Sacred Dahlia, Figaro Mix Hot Pepper, Jalafuego Squash, Multipik Tomato, Big Beef Watermelon, Sugar Baby
Basil, Sweet Thai Determinate Tomato Mix (bush type red tomatoes) Hot Pepper, Numex Joe Parker Summer Squash, Early Crookneck Tomato, Black Cherry Zinnia, County Fair Mix
Basil, Tuscan Dill Hot Pepper, Ring-O-Fire Summer Squash, Y-Star (patty pan) Tomato, Brandywine Zucchini, Dunja
Bell Pepper Mix Eggplant, Annina Hot Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion Sweet Alyssum Tomato, Buffalo Sun Zucchini, Green Machine
Calendula, Pacific Beauty Eggplant, Fairy Tale Impatiens, Super Elfen Paradise Mix Sweet Bell Pepper, Sweet Sunrise Tomato, Carolina Gold
Canna Lily Eggplant, Paloma Japanese Morning Glory, Early Call Mix Sweet Marjoram Tomato, Emmylou
Cantaloupe, Sarah’s Choice Eggplant, Rosa Bianca Kale Black Magic Sweet Pepper, Aura Tomato, Galahad
Catnip Eggplant, Traviata Lavender, Hidcote Blue Sweet Pepper, Carmen Tomato, German Johnson


May 6, 2021
10:00 am – 4:00 pm EDT
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Rodale Institute
611 Siegfriedale Road
Kutztown, PA 19530 United States


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