The world is in desperate need of healing.

The increased industrialization of our food system has led to environmental degradation and epidemic levels of lifestyle-related diseases. A holistic analysis of the connection between soil health, diet, and human health, this paper outlines clear steps forward to begin improving the health of people around the world. Developed in partnership with medical professionals and The Plantrician Project.

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Moyer, J., Stoll, S., Schaeffer, Z., Smith, A., Grega, M., Weiss, R., Fuhrman, J. (2020). The Power of the Plate: The case for regenerative organic agriculture in improving human health [white paper]. (

A conversation with the experts

Watch the panel that kicked off our white paper's release! Our discussion about regenerative organic agriculture and human health included staff from Rodale Institute, Dr. Zach Bush of Farmer’s Footprint, Dr. Scott Stoll of The Plantrician Project, and more.

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