Over the next five years, Rodale Institute will use a strategic plan to cultivate our growth, plan and build new infrastructure, empower our people, and work with our external partners.


We responsibly cultivate regenerative growth for our organization and the stakeholders we serve.
Growing the number of regenerative organic acres in agriculture is our number-one priority. To do so, Rodale Institute seeks and nurtures long-term, diverse partnerships to advance our research and global impact.


  • Form meaningful relationships with partners who have the capacity to help the Institute achieve our mission while expanding our funder base to establish a predictable rate of giving.
  • Conduct rigorous research to uncover the most effective agriculture practices, informed environmental impacts, and human health outcomes.
  • Develop the consulting program so that it is a revenue driver that supports its own expansion and thus the number of regenerative organic acres in production.
  • Expand and replicate the farmer training program to supply the agricultural sector with the next generation of organic farmers and industry professionals.
  • Make regional campuses self-sustaining, supported, and championed by strong partners, and design a model for them to grow independently.
  • Be mindful and deliberate with the opportunities we create and pursue in order to execute them to the best of our abilities.


Rodale Institute plans, builds, and maintains regenerative infrastructure.
We work in buildings that function with nature, implement technological solutions that increase productivity, efficiency, and connectivity, and work within a holistic system.


  • Take inventory of current and future needs and potential gaps.
  • Identify priorities and secure funding resources to achieve objectives.
  • Utilize best-in-class software solutions to streamline workflow across the organization.
  • Establish employee training plans, including technology, safety, and job competencies that utilize internal or external resources.
  • Invest in tools, environments, benefits, compensation, and continuing education that fuel our team and help them to perform at their highest potential.


People matter. We nourish people at Rodale Institute.
Human capital is the most critical resource to any organization, especially a mission-driven global nonprofit that seeks to change the status quo. We empower our people to attract and retain the most talented professionals to successfully implement our vision in the US and around the world.


  • Set ambitious and clearly defined goals that drive our mission forward.
  • Empower one another to accomplish these goals through accountability, feedback, and annual performance reviews that encourage personal growth.
  • Build a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging to ensure that everyone working at the Institute feels valued and fulfilled.
  • Invest in our people by providing them with world-class training, education, and personal development that enables them to become the best version of themselves.
  • Empower one another to live our mission by fostering a culture of health, wellness, and regeneration.
  • Draw wisdom from our history and legacy while reaching one hand towards our future to evolve our culture by making space for fresh thinking, innovation, and a team of dynamic individuals.


Rodale Institute works with external partners to bring regenerative organic research, education, and outreach to heal people and the planet.
We are intentional about pursuing endeavors that fulfill our mission, and we allow the needs of the communities we serve to inform and motivate our work. We are the voice of regenerative organic agriculture and use our voice to achieve the highest good of Rodale Institute, our alumni, partners, and agricultural community.


  • Choose partnerships that align with our mission and encourage the steady, regenerative growth of our work and influence.
  • Ensure that there is clear and consistent communication between the organization and its stakeholders, the agricultural community, and the general public.
  • Motivate farmers, policymakers, brands, and influencers to create positive momentum in the organic marketplace and grow the reputation of the Institute.
  • Research the links between soil health and human health, and create programming and content that positively impact our agricultural and healthcare systems.
  • Shed light on the social and economic benefits of regenerative organic agriculture.
  • Continue to strengthen our brand reputation in the agricultural community through our actions. Rodale Institute employees should lead by example and serve as our strongest ambassadors.

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