The world needs more organic farmland.

With the help of partners, Rodale Institute is opening new satellite centers, called Regional Resource Centers, to serve as hubs for organic research and education throughout the U.S. and the world. These hubs will meet the needs of farmers in their own communities, including regionalized research on pests, diseases, weeds or fertility, as well as field days and extension. The ultimate goal of the regional resources centers is to increase the number of organic farms and acres in organic production by developing solutions for farmers and serving as a beacon of education and an aid to farmers considering transitioning to organic.

Current Regional Resource Centers


This project will create a physical resource center within targeted regions to facilitate the transition by placing staff, demonstration plots, and field research plots in the area. These Resource Centers will resemble mini-Rodale Institutes that function through a strong tether to the main Institute for support of many types.

Regional Resource Center Goals

Objective 1

Increase the number of farms and acres in organic production in the region.

Objective 2

Establish long-term research trials to determine changes in soil health, yields, economic models, and more in unique climates & soil types.

Objective 3

Solve challenges for organic farmers in their region, including pests, disease, and weed management.

Objective 4

Provide farmer training, extension and pathways to market.

Objective 5

Develop partnerships with local organizations and research institutions interested in organic production and farmer training.

barn and silos in the distance behind a field of corn

Regional Resource Centers

Learn more about our current regional resource centers throughout the U.S.

Rodale Institute Midwest Organic Center

Marion, Iowa

We’re working in the heartland, at Etzel Sugar Grove Farm, to transition farmers to organic in the epicenter of American agriculture.

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Rodale Institute Southeast Organic Center

Chattahoochee Hills, GA

We’re working, at Many Fold Farm, to address the unique challenges of southern farmers, an emerging market for organic production.

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Rodale Institute California Organic Center

Ventura, CA

Powered by Ventura Seed Company, we’re working, at McGrath Family Farm, to solve challenges, conduct regionally significant research, and serve as a hub for education & extension.

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Rodale Institute Pacific Northwest Organic Center

Rockport, WA

We’re working, at Cascadian Farm, to help growers in the region transition to organic and work toward regenerative organic certification.

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Pocono Organic Center

Long Pond, PA

In partnership with Pocono Organics, we’re conducting research on specialty crops and regenerative organic methods to help farmers in this market improve their operations.

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