Transition farms and farmers in the region to certified organic operations.

Transitions of any type can be challenging; even positive transitions. But the process is enhanced whenever resources are made available to farmers through direct contact with more experienced farmers, technical expertise, and both research
and demonstration plots located on similar soils and within similar climatic conditions.


This project will create a physical resource center within targeted regions to facilitate the transition by placing staff, demonstration plots, and field research plots in the area. These Resource Centers will resemble mini-Rodale Institutes that function through a strong tether to the main Institute for support of many types.


Objective 1

Create a diversified organic Regional Resource Center within a designated region to aid in the transfer of information to farmers interested in changing their farm operation to organic.

Objective 2

Create multiple opportunities for community involvement through on-site research and demonstration.

Objective 3

Build multi-tiered relationships with other organizations to support Center activities.

Objective 4

Financial support for Rodale Institute to aid in technology backstopping.

barn and silos in the distance behind a field of corn

Current Regional Resource Centers:

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