Walk for An Organic Planet

Thank you to everyone who participated in and supported our Walk for an Organic Planet.  Coach made it to DC on October 16th and attended meetings with staff from Senator Jeff Merkley’s office and the following individuals from USDA:

♦  Betsy Rakola, USDA Organic Policy Advisor
♦  Bill Hohenstein, USDA Climate Change Programs
♦  Rich Iovanna, Farm Service Agency Conservation Programs
♦  Lindsay Haines, NRCS Organic and Soil Health Initiatives
♦  Steven Mirsky, Agricultural Research Service
♦  Mat Ngouajio, NIFA Organic Program Directors’ Research Proceedings

We look forward to continuing to share information about our research on regenerative organic agriculture and climate change.

And, stay tuned... Coach is already planning next year's Walk!

The Rodale Institute has proven that regenerative organic agriculture can reverse climate change. Regenerative organic agriculture can actually capture even more carbon than we currently emit into the atmosphere. By working with nature to use photosynthesis and healthy soil biology, we can draw down greenhouse gases and tip the needle past 100% to reverse climate change.

Beginning October 1st, Coach is walking 162 miles – from the Rodale Institute in Kutztown, PA to Washington, D.C. to hand deliver our report to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack.


To bring much-needed awareness to both the general public and lawmakers that organic agriculture is the answer to reversing climate change.

How can you help?

Donate $1 per mile. Total: $162.
♦ Virtually join us on the walk by following Rodale Institute on facebook, twitter and Instagram.
♦ Help us share our vision for an organic planet. Click here for a document of fully crafted updates for all of your social networks.

Click here to watch a very short video and donate.

Help us support the new research our paper calls for. Lend us your voice and spread this vision for an organic planet. There is hope. We can reverse climate chaos through regenerative organic farming. And the time to do it is now.

Click here to read news about the walk


5 Responses to “Walk for An Organic Planet”

  1. Glenn Bergman

    Thank you for doing this. Weavers Way Co-op in Philly supports your efforts.

  2. Ernest J.P. Muhly

    Wonderful connections with local groups!.. lets hope that enough “decision-makers” will listen and make the necessary changes away from industrial agriculture that is destroying the soils and environment.

    For those of us who can not make the Thursday meeting at McDaniel College, when will information be available about the Saturday, October 11 session in Westminster, MD?

  3. Don Smith

    I wish you luck with the politicians! After you present your case you should also have them read Mark Shepard’s book Restoration Agriculture, visit his farm, read about Permaculture and view Geoff Lawton’s free videos, and have them listen to Joel Salatin for a few days and visit his farm. Keep up the good work – I’m sending you energy and money for your walk!

  4. Benjamin Fahrer

    This is brilliant and I am so grateful for this type of action taking place. I am asking everyone I know to support you by spreading the word and contacting their reps in DC to be aware of this presentation and how regenerative agriculture can play such an important role in dealing with our current climate conditions that we face.

    I so support this type of action and believe and influx of support to give regenerative farmers access to land in order to implement these techniques could have widespread positive effect. One issue to do it is the access to land as the cost of real estate and taxes are often an overburden that makes it tough. A bill that supported land that the government and bank own to be used for this purpose would be wise.

    I look forward to following the movement to Washington and what happens next.

    In growing
    farmer ben

  5. Steven

    So what came out if this. I work for an organic CSA in New Jersey and would love to share this with our 3500 members.


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