Veterans in Ag: Corio Bruestle

Corio Bruestle is a Marine from West Lawn, PA. He enlisted in the Marine Corp in 2007 and spent four years as a TV/Radio broadcaster. His first year was spent studying at the Defense Information School at Ft. Meade and then spent the rest of his active duty service at MCAS Iwakuni in Japan. After serving his enlistment, Corio got out of the Marines in 2011 but stayed in Japan until April 2017.

During this time he received a Bachelors from Temple University, Japan Campus in 2014 and worked different jobs while staying in Japan. His work was mostly in retail and service jobs, even though these jobs paid the bills they were not personally rewarding for Corio. Although he never worked in agriculture, Corio knew that being closer to nature, hard-work and being able to put others before himself, were things that needed to be present in his work life. Applying to the Veteran Farmer Training Program, Corio saw all his needs being met.

Corio applied to the program with a passion to learn as much as he could about organic agriculture. Growing up, his parents always had a garden that they tended during the summer months. Corio worked alongside of his parents planting, tending and harvesting their produce, from the time he was a toddler. When signing up for the VFTP, Corio wanted exposure to aspects of farming he had no experience in, like Livestock Management and Apiary.

 His first month has been filled with new experiences, from driving tractors to splitting bee hives. While working most of the time with our Livestock Manager, Corio's interest in Livestock Management has only deepened. Since he has never worked with animals before, Corio enjoys the fact that he is able to learn something new everyday.

While he is constantly learning, he has yet to decide how his knowledge will transform into a career. While a dairy cow operation is interesting to him, so is a small organic hog facility or being a dairy goat farmer. Corio still has plenty of time and learning to do before he lands on one and is currently seeking other organic livestock apprenticeships that are long-term, educational and at a production level, to participate in after he has completed the VFTP. He is grateful for this opportunity to venture into a career that he would have never considered if not for the financial benefits that he receives while in the VFTP. These benefits ensure that he is able to still support himself while venturing into a new career field. While his specialty may not be defined, Corio knows organic agriculture will always be a part of his future.

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  1. Neonila 'Augusta' Martyniuk

    I am a military veteran who resides in Hot Springs, South Dakota. The town of Hot Springs has the State of South Dakota designation ‘Veteran Town’. When Civi War veterans sought a place where their wounds could heal, they were drawn to the Community of Hot Springs, referred to as ‘Minnekahta’ (meaning warm waters) by the Native American Lakota tribe. Recently Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced funding a USDA ‘Veterans-to-Farmers’ program. We are interested in developing a ‘Veterans-to-Farmers’ program in our Community in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
    Since Rodale Institute has already started up a program we are interested in learning from your model.


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