Shumei Natural Agriculture

Harmony with nature and respect for the natural world

Shumei Natural Agriculture is both a philosophical and spiritual approach to gardening and farming developed by Mokichi Okada in Japan in the 1930s. The preeminent principle of Natural Agriculture is a respect for nature.

Natural Agriculture is a way of life that encourages the practitioner to develop an intuitive relationship with the soil, the crops and the environment. In Natural Agriculture, the synergy of the soil, the gardener or farmer, and the consumer are important to the success of the food system.

Since Natural Agriculture philosophy advocates respect for all living organisms, insects and animals are recognized as having a role in the relationship with the crops. Harmful pests are usually a sign there is an imbalance within the garden environment that needs to be addressed.

According to Natural Agriculture, nature has everything it needs within the soil. It does not require fertilizers, nitrogen, lime, bone meal, manure or insect and disease controls. Practitioners do not use any outside inputs, whether synthetic or organic.