Organic Farming Certificate Students

GINA ANGIOLA is a retired OB/GYN physician from Maryland. During her 20+ years in the healthcare field, she noticed a lack of preventative care applied to patients through their diet and in recent years, she has become fascinated in the quality of soils and how they affect nutrition of food as well as the carbon content in our atmosphere. Her interest in these issues led her to seek out the Rodale Institute for more information. While researching the Institute she found the Organic Farming Certificate Program.

After completing the program, Gina wants to purchase degraded farmland and restore its soil health. Focusing on healthy soil and the production of organic vegetables, her long term goal would be to convert the farm into an education program for new farmers that want to learn about organic farming and soil health. Educating and helping others is Gina’s passion, rooted in her background in science and healthcare.





JOSH PELLING is an Army veteran from Pittsburgh, PA. While enlisted he worked as an IT technician and found that he missed being outside and working with his hands. His interest in organic farming and agriculture is heavily influenced by his vegan lifestyle. Since he is passionate about health and nutrition, Josh wants to learn about organic farming to be independent and produce food for others and teach them the benefits of vegan and organic lifestyles.


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