Organic Farming Certificate Program Graduate: Alicia Leone

Alicia Leone is a graduate of the Organic Farming Certificate Program (OFCP). After completing the program in May 2018, she returned home to Block Island, a part of Rhode Island. There she resides with her husband and son, Axel, and runs an organic operation on her husband’s family farm, a 44-acre property that has been part of the family for several generations. This summer, Alicia is using one acre of the land to begin producing organic vegetables. She’ll test her soil and determine which crops do well, then develop a crop plan for next year.

Alicia on a field trip with the Organic Farming Certificate Program Summer of 2017.

Alicia and her son Axel at Sprague Farm preparing field for vegetable production

Alicia plans to implement the skills and techniques she learned in the Organic Farming Certificate Program to enhance and expand the farm. After this year’s harvest, Alicia will use cover crops to maintain the soil’s health and fertility during the cold winter months. She plans to add layer hens, some small livestock, and a high tunnel greenhouse to increase her harvest and extend her growing season.

Seeing a broken, industrialized food system has inspired Alicia to help, as she believes that people deserve the option to eat fresh, locally produced food. “In the big picture, I want to be part in the change we need to see in our food system,” she explains, and her goal is to grow nutrient-dense crops, actively replenish the land, and raise happy, healthy, livestock.

"Now I know what I’m really capable of,”  says Alicia, and with the knowledge and skills she gained in the Organic Farming Certificate Program, Alicia feels confident and ready to share the benefits of organic agriculture with others.

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