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OFA Supporter Membership

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Supporter Membership criteria:
• Supporter membership is open to any individual who is not a U.S. certified organic farmer and any organization that doesn’t meet the criteria for organizational member.  This membership includes non-certified organic farmers, organizations, sustainable farmers, consumers, students, researchers, and any other individual or group interested in supporting a strong voice for organic farmers.
• Pay OFA membership dues.
• Complete OFA supporting member application.

Supporter Membership responsibilities:
• Promote and support the OFA mission, vision, guiding principles and values.
• Have a desire to support organic farmers’ policy positions at the local, state, or national level.
• Participate in collaborative activities to advocate for policies that benefit the success and growth of organic farmers and those that strengthen the capacity of OFA member organizations.

Supporter Members are encouraged to: 
• Support certified organic farmers’ participation in OFA leadership and committee work.
• Link to the OFA website from their organization's website.
• Contribute to OFA activities and communications by sharing new ideas, data, best practices and other important and relevant news related to building a stronger organic farmer voice and movement.
• Promote the work of OFA.
• Advocate for OFA policy priorities.
• Participate in and contribute to OFA surveys, events, etc.

Supporter Member benefits:
• New Farm magazine subscription.
• Access to webinars and discounts to workshops and events.

Supporter Membership dues:
1. $100 per Membership
2. At a reduced rate of $75 if purchased with a OFA Organization Member.