Farm Photo Friday: May 16, 2014

Every Friday we share some snaps from our 333-acres in Kutztown, PA. Our photographers? The staff members who keep this farm chugging along. Enjoy a sneak peek at what’s going on here at Rodale Institute!

It's a rainy day here at the Institute, but you won't hear us complaining!  In fact, this is Houdini's favorite weather!

Here is Ross with our new kid, Alfalfa.

Clover here  inspects Ross a bit more carefully than the trusting Alfalfa.

Iris, Clover and Alfalfa's mom, gets her hooves clipped.  She's ready for her mani-pedi!

Zorro gets a bit jealous, so when he finally does get some attention, he really savors it.

Ross is very precise when clipping hooves.

Zorro is a bit nervous about his turn...  But he ended up doing just fine!

John, Kathline and Olivia are hardening off some tomatoes before it's time for them to get into the ground.  No one here minds a bit of rain!

Even Eleanor & Molly are spending the day out in the rain!


Inside the underbarn, the stars of tomorrow's workshop are far from the elements.

Rick is ready to put more Red Wigglers into their new home!

There are about 1,000 individual worms in one pound of worms.

Rick is excited to have newly dedicated space for vermicomposting.  Here is the Worm House!

Yep, still plenty of worms in there!

Wow!  This is a tiny egg.  Two to three worms will be born from this egg.

Hey, it's a day for critters on the farm!  This is how we take care of aphids and some other pests in the greenhouse.

They're not kidding, there are plenty of these critters in there.   They were thrilled to get out and about!

These lady bugs were not shy at all.  They must be hungry from their long trip, ready for some aphids!

Hey, there are no aphids on Sam!  These friendly beneficial insects are truly a superior method over spraying insecticides!

Out in the Honeybee Conservancy, some robins have joined the farm!

Aren't they just beautiful?  It's a sure sign that Spring is really here!

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  1. Dawn McDonough

    Awesome photos, as always! What source do you recommend for Lady Bugs?


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