Farm Photo Friday: March 21, 2014

Every Friday we share some snaps from our 333-acres in Kutztown, PA. Our photographers?  Well...

This week we have something special for you!  Usually, we have our staff provide the images for Farm Photo Friday, but today is different.

Marty Desilets, Lehigh Valley photographer and web guru, is our guest photographer for this week's installment of Farm Photo Friday.  We think this is the beginning of something wonderful.

Thank you for the gorgeous images, Marty!

Enjoy Farm Photo Friday by guest photographer, Marty Desilets.

Here is Ross Duffield, Farm Manager, with one of the Black Australorp roosters.  Ross has a gentle way, and so the rooster is in no hurry to get away.  However, it should be noted that this particular rooster is the most existentially inclined of the bunch.

Here they are again, fresh for the spring season.

Why do they call it a catwalk, anyway?  It could be a pigwalk.  Don't you think so?

Feeding time!

Ross scratches pig bellies.  It's impossible to keep this kind of a thing a secret for long.  All the pigs know about Ross.

Remember how little these chicks were just a week or two ago?  (Just check the Farm Photo Friday!)

They grow so fast!  Here are a few of the bravest of the adventurers.

In the hoop house, Sam pounds in the last of the stakes, completing all the raised beds.  It's the completion of one stage and the beginning of another.  Now to get some plants going in there!

Over in the greenhouse, Sam takes some time to spray some life onto the plants.  That's compost tea with some stellar biology!

The greenhouse is one of the best places to be on the farm.  It's warm, bright and full of life.  Plus, you can usually find Sam in there!

And now for a few shots of what's growing in the greenhouse.

A pomegranate's flower...

The greenhouse has a wide variety of beautiful plants, whether they are grown as food or for looks.

Houdini is all about positive vibes.

Coach continues to provide his oxen training classes, for students both human and bovine.

Lewis and Clark take a few minutes to warm up, but once they get into their exercises, it's easy to see that they will be hard workers soon enough.  It's been a beautiful day for a walk with the oxen-in-training.  Thanks a million to our guest photographer, Marty Desilets!

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    The photographer did an excellent job of illustrating and portraying the farm people and activities in a very sharp and enjoyable way. You should try and get him bcd to do more.


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