Farm Photo Friday: August 16, 2013

Every Friday we share some snaps from our 333-acres in Kutztown, PA. Our photographers? The staff members who keep this farm chugging along. Enjoy a sneak peek at what’s going on here at Rodale Institute!

Happy Chickens = Happy Eggs = Happy People! (Shawn Kidd, Strategic Solutions Team)

Clayton Scicluna explains how we use compost tea to “spray life onto the leaves.”

Who would dream of missing the Potluck Luncheon? Everything was scrumptious!


Music washes away from the soul the dust of every-day life.  -Auerbach
(Left to Right: Bill Lenhard, Aaron Kinsman)

We found one very large Tomato Horn Worm in the Rodale Institute Garden
at Lehigh University – halfway through a tomato for brunch. Caught red-handed!

Sorry, all squatters will be humanely evicted from the garden.


Jessica Feeser methodically picks fresh, organic apples in our eastern orchard on a picture-perfect day.


What’s the fun in picking apples if you can’t sample the goods?
But hey, let’s not overdo it Bill Lenhard! The Organic Apple Festival will be here before you know it!
Please don't forget to share the organic love!

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