Bloom Alert: June 18, 2014

This week’s blooms have a common theme: all in white! Simplicity and modesty mark the blooms for this week as our wildflowers in the Demonstration Gardens humbly declare their visual presence. Swaths of daisies and yarrow adorn the paths of the gardens and are ready to go home with you to brighten up your day. Did you know that in the Victorian era, it was believed to be unlucky if you transplanted wild daisies into a cultivated garden? Fortunately, we have loads of them to take home. Cut your own or call ahead to request a bunch for pickup at our Garden Store.

When you stop by to cut your own daisies, make sure you are not cutting their smaller look-alike, chamomile. Chamomile is also in full bloom and is for sale as cut-your-own flowers, but you can easily tell the difference between the two flowers by their sizes. Chamomile is much smaller than a daisy, and it also has the subtle calming fragrance associated with chamomile flowers. It smells just like chamomile tea!!

We also have huge Rose of Sharon bushes and each white blossom is about to POP! The branches make a GORGEOUS cut flower display in large vases and provide amazing lushness to any indoor cut flower arrangement. Contact our Garden Store for more information.

Rodale Institute is THE place for pick-your-own ORGANIC flowers! Our Bloom Alerts will keep in the loop so you know when to come out to the farm for fresh organic flowers. Check back to see what is bursting forth each week or sign up for our e-newsletter and we’ll let you know when they are ready to pick!

For more information on the who, what, when, and where of pick-your-own flowers at the farm, contact our Garden Store.

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