ASC Intern Journal: Night of the living food zombie

By Sam Moll, ASC intern

I have recently noticed how my appetite aligns and abides to the seasons. Unconscious cravings overwhelming my senses like the stinkbugs in your house right now. Please do not be alarmed by this, but since living at Rodale Institute I have become… a… zombie foodie.

All these veggies have stripped me of the analytical and rational decision making skills afforded to most humans. Sigmund Freud could confirm I am lacking an ego and super-ego. Ruled by the “id” my plate is filled by needs, wants, desires and impulses. Sleepwalking through the harvesting, preparing and cooking of my meals. This is what the zombie ate/eats...


I couldn’t get enough salt, kale and cured meats.

Breakfast: Two eggs over easy with toast, raw kale, homemade sauerkraut, Yerba mate tea

Lunch: Kale salad and Lebanon bologna sandwich

Dinner: Huevos Rancheros, bacon


Watery veggies, no meat, lots of cheese and corn tortillas.

Breakfast: Homemade granola (coconut, nuts, seeds and oats) with coconut milk, coffee

Lunch: Tomato and cucumber salad

Dinner: Cheesy Italian pastas, casseroles, quesadillas

Crisp mornings, cool nights and the return of kale are deviously deciding on what I will be eating this Fall.

Homepage photo by Paul Downey.


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