Organic Apple Festival

CANCELED: Organic Apple Festival 2018

It is with great regret that we must cancel our much loved and anticipated Organic Apple Festival for 2018 due to crop failure.

Apples are arguably one of the most difficult crops to grow organically, especially in a humid, temperate climate such as the northeast United States. It is so challenging to grow apples without synthetic chemicals (which are not allowed in organic production) that the fruit consistently tops the Environment Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” list for most contaminated produce (with more than 90% of samples containing pesticide residue and averaging more than 4 different chemicals). Click here to learn more about the science behind this production.

Extreme weather during the growing season in our region devasted our apple crop. Unfortunately, this reality is faced by farmers across the country who struggle to make a profit or produce food with an increasingly difficult changing climate. If anything, this underscores the importance and need for our work more than ever. We need to work collectively to develop resilient agriculture practices that can feed our growing population in times of climate change. This is an urgent challenge.

At Rodale Institute, our number one priority is quality: quality research, quality education, and quality experiences for our valued visitors, partners, and donors. With that sentiment, we felt the need to cancel our festival this year. We look forward to hosting you for next year’s Organic Apple Festival on September 21, 2019.

Though we’re disappointed that this special event won’t take place this year, we welcome you to the farm for other fun and educational events this fall. For a full listing of upcoming events, visit You can also visit for a self-guided tour any day of the week—new educational signs were recently installed, and a new audio tour and map make the experience better than ever.

Additionally, we need to ask your support in this difficult time. Our annual Organic Apple Festival (this year would have celebrated the 10th) is an important fundraiser for the Institute in addition to a community event. If you could donate—even $5—we can continue our important research to allow organic farmers to thrive in even the most challenging weather conditions.

On behalf of everyone here at Rodale Institute, thank you for your support. For any questions or concerns regarding the cancellation of Organic Apple Festival, please contact