It’s time to change the way we think about healthcare.

Regenerative healthcare is a vision for the future in which healthy farming practices inform a prevention-based approach to human health. Rather than relying on toxic chemicals to solve agricultural issues and pharmaceutical intervention to cure disease, regenerative healthcare aims to prevent disease through an organic, plant-based, whole-foods diet that starts on farms that work in harmony with nature.

To bring this vision to life, we’ve partnered with The Plantrician Project to build the Regenerative Health Institute, a state-of-the-art facility designed to change the way we think about human health.

A Hub for Change

The Regenerative Health Institute will be constructed on Rodale Institute’s 333-acre certified organic farm in Kutztown, Pennsylvania. The facility will provide:

Innovative research on the links between farming and human health

Culinary and nutrition education

A dynamic visitor and learning experience

Summits and seminars for global education

The facility will include a rooftop farm, educational space, indoor and outdoor dining areas, commercial kitchen and cooking facilities, a digital conference space, office space, and interactive exhibits.

institute rendering

The Regenerative Health Institute is designed to be a global hub connecting the agriculture and healthcare of the future

Why does it matter?

Today, 63% of the food we consume is refined and processed. 60% of adults are on at least one medication. Our healthcare model is one of “disease care,” a retroactive approach that has created ever-escalating costs. At the same time, we have just 60 years of farmable topsoil left with current practices, and the future of our climate is increasingly unsteady.

The Regenerative Health Institute is a place for thought leaders in medical and agricultural fields to come together and change the tide.

healthy fruit

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We Need Your Help

Together we can harness the power of regenerative organic agriculture to heal the planet and transform lives.

To support the Regenerative Health Institute, please contact Jeff Tkach at 610-683-1405 or

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