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A Letter from the Farmer

Rodale Institute is committed to groundbreaking research in organic agriculture, advocating for policies that support farmers, and educating people about how organic is the safest, healthiest option for people and the planet. Our farm has been in operation since the 1970’s but only recently have we introduced livestock to our farming operation. Our pasture based hog operation is a model that we feel can help change the way pigs are raised in this country. By harnessing some of the most modern handling techniques and blending them with trusted outdoor methods, we feel our hog operation is something that many farmers can follow and supply healthier food to the consumer.

We have a great system in place that is producing some of the happiest, and in turn, tastiest pork around. We allow our mothers to give birth in a bedded straw pen with no use of gestation crates or farrowing crates. We want instincts to guide our hogs and good mothers produce good offspring as just like humans, babies learn from their parents. Our hogs are raised on certified organic pasture, fed certified organic grain, and get certified organic apples and vegetables as treats when we have extras or seconds. We use several heritage breeds of hogs that thrive in a pasture system. Our hog breeds include, Large Blacks, Gloucester Old Spots, Red Wattles and Tamworth Large Black crossbreeds. Our hogs are instinctively driven to be outside with and are more efficient in their consumption of crops.

Our hogs are grazers! They eat very efficiently on lush Pennsylvania pastures year round. Some of the crops include clovers, alfalfa, wheat, rye, oats, corn peas, turnips, beans, kale, pumpkins, and a variety of grasses. What we have found is that this diverse mix of pasture allows for the pigs to eat what they want as much as they want. By eating the pasture, the hogs are eating less grain and therefore reducing the carbon footprint in the process. The other advantage of pastured hogs is that the consumption of these plants greatly increases the quality of the meat. Pork is not the “other white meat” when pigs are allowed to be pigs, this meat is red and rich with fat and flavor.

By producing pork in this way, our product does require a higher input cost from the farmer. We send our pigs to Smucker's Meats in Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania where they can be picked up or we can deliver from there. We do not offer suckling pigs as our goal with this operation is to proliferate the heritage breeds that are not very common in pork production systems. Some of our breeds (i.e. Red Wattles, Large Blacks) are actually on the endangered list of hogs worldwide and our model is set up to help farmers see that heritage breeds are superior to those in a confinement system.

We are doing our part to fix this broken food system, and putting the farmer and the customer together will help repair the damage by allowing the consumer to know where there food is coming from.

Ross Duffield
Rodale Institute Farm Manager

Become a Rodale Institute Meat Share Member

Rodale Institute offers a bi-weekly meat share! Shares come in a regular and small size and can be purchased in full or on a bi-weekly basis.

Regular meat share: $200 (Full) or $25 (Bi-weekly for 9 pick-ups)
Includes 4lbs bacon, 4lbs sausage, 2 smoked ham steaks, 2 fresh ham steaks, 4 bone-in pork chops, 4 boneless, 4 spare ribs, 1 pork roast, 1 whole chicken

Small meat share: $100 (Full) or $25 (Bi-weekly for 5 pick-ups)
Includes 2lbs bacon, 2lbs sausage, 1 smoked ham steak, 1 fresh ham steak, 2 bone-in pork chops, 2 boneless pork chops, 2 spare ribs, choice of 1 pork roast or 1 whole chicken

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Purchase Rodale Institute Organically Raised Pork

All hog and pork purchases must be picked up by the customer.
Rodale Institute will not ship hog and pork purchases.

Whole & Half Hogs
Whole hog: $4/lb. (average weight = 210 lbs.)
Half hog: $4/lb. (average weight = 105 lbs.)

Smucker’s Meats butchering and processing fees will apply to orders. More information on Smucker’s Meats butchering fees and services can be found on their website:

Place order with Shelby Dukes:, 610-683-1483
Make pick-up arrangements with Ross Duffield:, 610-683-1473

Meat Cuts

$10/lb. Pig Head $2.50/lb. Pork Loin,
$6/lb. Roast,
Shoulder Smoked
$6/lb. Pig Ear $2.50/lb. Pork,
$5/lb. Roast,
$10/lb. Pork Belly $5.25/lb. Ribs,
Baby Back
$8/lb. Sausage, Fresh $7/lb.
Ham Hocks,
$5/lb. Pork Bones $2.50/lb. Ribs,
$6/lb. Sausage,
Ham Steak,
$6/lb. Pork Chops,
$8.50/lb. Roast,
Boston Butt
$6/lb. Sausage,
Ham Steak,
Uncured Smoked
$6/lb. Pork Chops,
$9/lb. Roast,
Ham Fresh
$6/lb. Sausage,
Sweet Italian
Leaf Lard $2.50/lb. Pork Fat $5.25/lb. Roast,
Ham Smoked
$6/lb. Sausage,
Pig Feet $2.50/lb. Pork Loin,
$$6/lb. Roast,
$6/lb. Tenderloin $6/lb.

Contact ahead to Heather Gurk:, 610-683-6009
Pick-up: Rodale Institute Garden Store (Thursday-Saturday, 10AM-4PM)