Every year, Rodale Institute celebrates the organic movement’s rich history and bright future by recognizing leaders who are changing the landscape of regenerative organic agriculture for the better.

This year our Organic Pioneer Award winners are: Dr. John Reganold, Elwood Richard, Carmen Fernholz, and Jeff Moyer. Make sure to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to learn more about our 2022 award winners.

2022 Award Winners

Carmen Fernholz
Organic Farmer, Minnesota

Carmen Fernholz is a family farmer from Minnesota who has spent much of his career organizing farmers and advocating for organic agriculture through various local and national organizations.

John Reganold, Ph.D.
Washington State University

Dr. John Reganold, Regents Professor of Soil Science and Agroecology at Washington State University, has spent almost 40 years bringing sustainable farming into the mainstream of higher education and food production.

Elwood Richard
Founder of NOW Foods

Elwood Richard, founder of NOW Foods, passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer in April 2017, but is remembered for his significant impact on the natural products industry through the decades.

Jeff Moyer
Rodale Institute CEO

Since joining Rodale Institute in 1976, Jeff Moyer has been dedicated to advancing the mission of the Institute and regenerative organic agriculture as farm director, executive director, and CEO of Rodale Institute.

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