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20 Ways to Boost Soil Fertility

You diligently took soil tests this winter and now they’ve come back indicating that potassium or phosphorus is low on some fields, here and there you have a zinc deficiency, […]

Updated on Apr 25, 2019

Compost Yard

At our compost yard, long windrows are built from a combination of on-farm wastes—like animal manure and crop residues—and outside materials, like leaves and grass, from local municipalities. We generate […]

Updated on Oct 31, 2018

Learn About Composting from the Experts

We’re big fans of compost. A core practice in organic farming, composting helps reduce waste on the farm. It also creates a valuable byproduct that helps boost soil fertility and […]

Updated on Nov 12, 2018

Workshop: Compost Like a Pro

You’ve heard of compost—but maybe you think it’s too hard, too messy, or too complicated to start at home. Rodale Institute is here to tell you: you can compost like […]

Updated on Jan 14, 2022

Workshop: Compost like a Pro!

This class will teach you how to compost effectively in your backyard, identify and troubleshoot problems, and harvest and use your finished compost.

Updated on Mar 22, 2021

Webinar: Compost like a Pro!

This class will teach you to begin composting effectively in your backyard, quickly identify and troubleshoot compost problems, and harvest and use finished compost in your garden for improving plant growth.

Updated on Apr 22, 2020

Webinar: Tea Time! for Your Garden

Join Rick Carr, Farm Director at Rodale Institute to learn about biology, materials, brewing methods, troubleshooting techniques and uses for finished compost tea.

Updated on Jun 4, 2020

Compost like a Pro

Learn how to compost effectively in your backyard, no matter how much space you have.

Updated on Mar 1, 2019