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Promising Provisions for Organic in the New Farm Bill

On Tuesday, the Senate passed the Farm Bill. The bipartisan initiative includes exciting provisions for organic agriculture, but also some disappointing developments in the voting process for the National Organic […]

Updated on Dec 12, 2018

Beech Grove Farm: a Model for Sustainable Farming

Imagine assembling a self-contained, regenerative farming system… and making a living doing it. Impossible, you might say—but over the last 20 years Anne and Eric Nordell of Beech Grove Farm […]

Updated on Aug 8, 2019

Grow Sunflowers for Healthy Oils

Customers of New Hampshire (NH) farmers’ markets are regularly greeted by voluptuous eggplants, hearty wheat berries, verdant leafy vegetables, raw milk cheddar, and numerous local meats. But locavores who want […]

Updated on Aug 7, 2019